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Alfred Manville (Captain ALM)

Free and open-source developer, enjoys networking their two laptops together, bakes, plays video games.

Knowledge of Languages: C, Java, C# .net, Visual Basic .net, Legacy Javascript, Processing, MS Smallbasic

Hiatus on my My YT Channel, bakes bread, wishes he could still fit his bike :( .

Oh and expert at using lower end hardware.

Current main site (Google sites) available here.

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Bootcamp 2021: Ninjaformer GUI

My first programming task at City, concluding the 2 week 2021 Programming Bootcamp, although I have only spent 3 days programming this and was a tad bit too ambitious. This Processing project show that I can use arrays, loops, mouse and keyboard interaction and geometric transforms. The project contains a GUI library that I made to create the menu system for my ninjaformer game, unfortunately, while the code for loading tile, sprite and level information exists (JSON, sprite sheet support), I ran out of time before the submission to actually even start on the game. But you can play around with the main code and build your own GUIs too so...

Check out the code on Github: .

City Game Project 2022: Ninjaformer (Alpha, Beta)

My third programming task and first major project at City, concluding 2.2 Months of programming. Looking back on this, I wish I started earlier (Like January) that way I could have implimented all the features I wanted. This project allows for levels to be designed within the program and allows them to be edited as XML outside the program. The code is extensible and it is relatively straight forward to impliment new features. There are a few bugs that can crop up (Such as sticking to surfaces due to ground body updates) but I already know ways to fix them. This project relies on part of a GUI library I built in it and I had to modify the CityGame library by extending it. The audio and assets were also created by me.

Check out the code on Github: N/A .